Brooklyn & Nathan Fuck On Kitchen Table

Hot twink boys Brooklyn and Nathan are feeling horny as fuck, and they want to get down to business.   They start by making out in the kitchen, and their hormones get so high they can’t even move to the sofa or bed to get their fuck on.  They clear the kitchen table, and the ass pounding starts right there.   Thanks to BoyFun Collection for another great set from Brooklyn Ray.

Brooklyn & Nathan Kissing

Chest exposed with his sweat suit jacket unzipped, Brooklyn is enjoying kissing his friend Nathan.

Topless Brooklyn & Nathan

Both boys have their shirts off and their bare chests are exposed.  Brooklyn can’t help but start to reach for Nathan’s crotch.

Brooklyn Ray Sucks Of Nathan

With Nathan’s cock firmly in his mouth, Brooklyn is reaching pleasure town.   As she sucks his friend off he is also stroking his own cock knowing he is seconds away from inserting it deep inside Nathan’s ass.    You may never be able to eat off that table again, but I think you will agree it is worth it.

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Brooklyn Fucks His Boy Luke Hard

Brooklyn Ray is feeling hard and horny and he wants a piece of his boy Luke’s ass pronto.   The boys start off by kissing deeply, but soon they are ripping off each others clothes.   After a little sucky sucky, Brooklyn Ray starts to run his finger around the rim of Luke’s asshole getting it ready for the pounding about to happen.   By the end of the set at BFCollection, both guys have cummed everywhere.

Brooklyn Ray & Luke

These two good friends start off by kissing each other, and the chemistry just escalates from there.   Sex is in the air.

Brooklyn Ray Pants Come Off

Luke can’t keep his hands off Brooklyn’s junk.  He pulls the blue jeans off his body and starts to suck him off.

Luke Bounces On Brooklyn Ray's Cock

Luke can’t handle it anymore and he wants that cock in his ass.   He hops on top of Brooklyn Ray’s hard dick and grunts with pleasure.   After some hardcore anal sex, both boys jerk each other off till the cum explodes from their cocks.

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Brooklyn Blows Lance After Soccer

After a fun game of soccer, what better way to celebrate a win than to have some wild anal sex.   A few casual looks at each other gives the sign that its on, and these two athletic boys are down to fuck.   After watching Brooklyn Ray suck off Lance, its time for Lance to assume all fours on the ground for a good hard dicking.   The end of the set at BoyFun results in jizz flying everywhere.

Brooklyn & Lance Kiss

Athletic boys Brooklyn and Lance engage in a little after game celebration.   These boys are really into each other.

Brooklyn Loses Shirt

While Lance looks at the camera,  Brooklyn can’t keep his eyes off of Lance.  He wants that ass, and he won’t stop till he gets deep inside.

Brooklyn Ray Sucks Off Lance

Dropping to his knees, this gorgeous gay boy Brooklyn swallows Lance’s dick into his mouth.   After almost reaching the point of orgasm, Brooklyn puts lance on all fours, and sticks his cock deep into his ass.   If you like anal sex, then this is a set you will love!

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Hoyt Sucks Off Brooklyn Ray’s Cock

Fans of Brooklyn Ray are going to really did this fuck video where we find Brooklyn laying on the sofa while he gets his cock sucked by his boy Hoyt.  With his cock fully hard, Brooklyn stares down Hoyt as he bounces his mouth up and down the pole.   By the end of the video at BFCollection, Hoyt finds himself at the mercy of Brooklyn’s cock.

After watching Hoyt give great head, Brooklyn throws Hoyt back onto the sofa and begin to smash that ass.

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Brooklyn Ray Pounds Giovanni Summers Round 2

Giovanni Summers enjoyed the anal fucking he got from Brooklyn so much that he requested another go round.   And really who is BFCollection, or Brooklyn Ray to object to that request?   With another shot at that ass, Brooklyn strived to reach even greater heights of pleasure and if you ask Giovanni, I think he fully succeeded.

Brooklyn Summers & Giovanni Summers

Brooklyn is having a little fun in this set.   With new red highlights in his hair, Brooklyn Ray is looking to get loose and really unload on Giovanni’s ass.

Giovanni Licks Brooklyn's Nipples

Brooklyn is now in his boxers as Giovanni runs his tongue around his nipples.  You can see the bulge in Brooklyn’s underwear grow with every lick.

Brooklyn Ray Fucks Giovanni Summers

Attack of the ass part two has commenced and Giovanni assumes the position leaning up against the headboard as his buddy Brooklyn Ray pounds his ass hard from behind.  In and out he drills harder and the moans from Giovanni grow louder.   The action just gets harder and hotter from here.

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Sexy Boy Brooklyn Ray Plays With Cock

Looking cute as hell in his beanie and zip up jacket, Brooklyn Ray is really looking forward to giving you one hell of a show.   Fresh off a tanning session, we get to see the reward for his work as he slowly unzips the jacket to show off his tanned smooth chest.   By the end of this photo set at BoyFun Collection, Brooklyn is totally naked, wearing only his beanie as he madly jerks off.

Brooklyn's Smooth Chest

The zipper is down just low enough to taunt us with his smooth bare chest.   Fear not my friends, that jacket is coming off soon.

Shirtless Brooklyn Ray

The sweatpants hit the floor to join the jacket and we are left with a sexy Brooklyn Ray in only his white boxers.

Brooklyn Ray Plays With Dick

Brooklyn pulls down the front of his white boxers and starts to play with his cock.   The mission is to get it rock hard, and the final goal is to explode his cum all over the place and maybe just maybe take out the camera lens.

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Brooklyn Ray Sucks Giovanni’s Cock

We stumble upon these two sexy twinks as they are in the process of getting down and dirty.   Brooklyn Ray has his shirt lifted up and we see his abs for the first time.  Giovanni is turned on by the sight of his torso, and gives Brooklyn’s nipples some gentle licking.   By the end of this set from BFCollection, Brooklyn is on top as Giovanni gets his ass plowed while laying on his stomach.

Brooklyn Ray & Giovanni

Giovanni Summers is really giving Brooklyn’s nipples some much wanted attention.   These two boys are a great match.

Brooklyn Ray Giovanni Summers

With Giovanni Summers down to his jock, Brooklyn can not keep his hands off the cock.   He wants that dick in his mouth stat!

Brooklyn Licks Giovanni's Nutsack

With Brooklyn Ray down on his knees, he begins to kiss and suck on Giovanni Summers balls.   Working the nutsack like a champ gets Giovanni rock hard too.   The action continues as Giovanni gets thrown down onto the bed on his stomach and Brooklyn proceeds to go anal!

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Brooklyn Ray Fingers Ass

In this great video of sexy Brooklyn Ray, we get to watch as he starts off by fingering his asshole, with his ass right up close and personal to the camera.   The video from BoyFun Collection then switches gears, and Brooklyn is now wailing away on his hard johnson as we get an upshot look at his beautiful cock.

Brooklyn ends up on his back as he continues to pound away on his cock, and then splurge!

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Brendan Licks Brooklyn Ray’s Ass

Brooklyn and his buddy Brendan are feeling horny and ready to fuck.   In this set from BFCollection, Brendan & Brooklyn Ray start off kissing and then give each other head.  Brendan can’t help himself and he wants to get his face up in Brooklyn’s ass.  With a few flicks of the tongue he drives Brooklyn absolutely wild.

Brooklyn Ray Kissing Brendan

These two boys start off by kissing a little, but their hormones are raging and it doesn’t take long before the clothes come off.

Brooklyn Licks Brendan

Brooklyn Ray gets a good grip of Brendan’s cock through this briefs.  As he rubs Brendan’s cock, Brooklyn licks his stomach which really got the juices running.

Brendan Licks Brooklyn Ray's Ass

With his nose deep in his ass, Brendan is licking the asshole real good, and Brooklyn’s now hard cock is fully appreciative of the attention.   Soon the set gets to the action and Brooklyn Ray assumes his top position and really starts to pound Brendan’s ass.   The action is wild and hard.

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