Brendan Licks Brooklyn Ray’s Ass

Brooklyn and his buddy Brendan are feeling horny and ready to fuck.   In this set from BFCollection, Brendan & Brooklyn Ray start off kissing and then give each other head.  Brendan can’t help himself and he wants to get his face up in Brooklyn’s ass.  With a few flicks of the tongue he drives Brooklyn absolutely wild.

Brooklyn Ray Kissing Brendan

These two boys start off by kissing a little, but their hormones are raging and it doesn’t take long before the clothes come off.

Brooklyn Licks Brendan

Brooklyn Ray gets a good grip of Brendan’s cock through this briefs.  As he rubs Brendan’s cock, Brooklyn licks his stomach which really got the juices running.

Brendan Licks Brooklyn Ray's Ass

With his nose deep in his ass, Brendan is licking the asshole real good, and Brooklyn’s now hard cock is fully appreciative of the attention.   Soon the set gets to the action and Brooklyn Ray assumes his top position and really starts to pound Brendan’s ass.   The action is wild and hard.

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