Brooklyn Ray Pounds That Ass From Behind

Brooklyn and his pal Jojo are hanging out on the couch when their hormones start to rage and they can’t resist the urge any longer.  They start by kissing gently, but as their cocks begin to harden, the kissing gets more aggressive.   Jojo has his t-shirt removed, and Brooklyn Ray proceeds to kiss his bare chest.  The action ends at BoyFun Collection with Brooklyn giving his ass a pounding from the spoon position on the bed.

Brooklyn & Jojo Kissing

Brooklyn gently kisses his friend blond haired friend Jojo, but all he really wants is that ass on his cock!

Brooklyn Kisses Jojo's Chest

With his lips around Jojo’s nipples, he takes his right hand and glides it towards the package that he wants in his mouth next.

Brooklyn Ray Rams Jojo

Brooklyn assumes his top position and slides in behind Jojo in the spoon position and now that ass is finally his.  He doesn’t intend to give it back until he is finished with it either!   Jojo doesn’t seem to mind though does he!

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