Brooklyn Blows Lance After Soccer

After a fun game of soccer, what better way to celebrate a win than to have some wild anal sex.   A few casual looks at each other gives the sign that its on, and these two athletic boys are down to fuck.   After watching Brooklyn Ray suck off Lance, its time for Lance to assume all fours on the ground for a good hard dicking.   The end of the set at BoyFun results in jizz flying everywhere.

Brooklyn & Lance Kiss

Athletic boys Brooklyn and Lance engage in a little after game celebration.   These boys are really into each other.

Brooklyn Loses Shirt

While Lance looks at the camera,  Brooklyn can’t keep his eyes off of Lance.  He wants that ass, and he won’t stop till he gets deep inside.

Brooklyn Ray Sucks Off Lance

Dropping to his knees, this gorgeous gay boy Brooklyn swallows Lance’s dick into his mouth.   After almost reaching the point of orgasm, Brooklyn puts lance on all fours, and sticks his cock deep into his ass.   If you like anal sex, then this is a set you will love!

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Hoyt Sucks Off Brooklyn Ray’s Cock

Fans of Brooklyn Ray are going to really did this fuck video where we find Brooklyn laying on the sofa while he gets his cock sucked by his boy Hoyt.  With his cock fully hard, Brooklyn stares down Hoyt as he bounces his mouth up and down the pole.   By the end of the video at BFCollection, Hoyt finds himself at the mercy of Brooklyn’s cock.

After watching Hoyt give great head, Brooklyn throws Hoyt back onto the sofa and begin to smash that ass.

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Brooklyn Ray Pounds Giovanni Summers Round 2

Giovanni Summers enjoyed the anal fucking he got from Brooklyn so much that he requested another go round.   And really who is BFCollection, or Brooklyn Ray to object to that request?   With another shot at that ass, Brooklyn strived to reach even greater heights of pleasure and if you ask Giovanni, I think he fully succeeded.

Brooklyn Summers & Giovanni Summers

Brooklyn is having a little fun in this set.   With new red highlights in his hair, Brooklyn Ray is looking to get loose and really unload on Giovanni’s ass.

Giovanni Licks Brooklyn's Nipples

Brooklyn is now in his boxers as Giovanni runs his tongue around his nipples.  You can see the bulge in Brooklyn’s underwear grow with every lick.

Brooklyn Ray Fucks Giovanni Summers

Attack of the ass part two has commenced and Giovanni assumes the position leaning up against the headboard as his buddy Brooklyn Ray pounds his ass hard from behind.  In and out he drills harder and the moans from Giovanni grow louder.   The action just gets harder and hotter from here.

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